How to Give A Man a Tantric Massage

Giving a Seductive Tantric Massage

A tantric massage is a special type of massage. It is an erotic massage that is aimed at stimulating sexual feelings in the body. Tantra is an ancient form of massage that is a branch of yoga. Tantric massage is given to either the male or the female partner, and it is used as a preparation for tantric sex. This is a type of massage that brings sexual enjoyment to another level. Here, we will provide you with a few simple steps to follow for you to give a perfect and effective tantric massage:

  1. A tantric massage is not like the usual type of massage. It is not specifically intended to bring your partner to an ejaculation but most of these massage end in an ejaculation which is not a bad thing. The massage is supposed to stimulate the erogenous zones of your partner for him to experience connection and sexual pleasure from a different perspective.
  2. To begin the tantric massage, first, create an ideal environment for the tantra massage. Choose a moment and a place where you are sure you will not be disturbed by anyone or anything. A tantric massage is a slow massage that is why you should make sure you have plenty of time for you and your partner to enjoy the massage to the maximum.
  3. Before the massage begins, slowly play with your partner erotically as you do before you have sex. Slowly undress in front of him and allow him to caress your body and you also caress him too. Kiss him seductively and whisper all the erotic names your partner likes. This is supposed to get the both of you in the mood for the massage.
  4. Make sure you know all the sensitive points of your partner’s genitals. Remember these are the points that are going to stimulate him during the massage. Hold his penis and tickle some of those sensitive areas softly to ensure you are right.
  5. This is a massage, and you need things to be as smooth as possible so make sure you use soft oil for the massage. You can use almond oil which is a superb moisturizer and it makes your movements soft ensuring your partner enjoys every bit of stimulation from these movements.
  6. In this massage, you must use both of your hands. Hold your partners larger part of the penis and his testicles and scrotum with your other hand. Move your hands upwards and downwards as well in a gentle manner. Remember these are very sensitive areas of the genitals. Massage the gland in a consistent pace and use your full hands to do this. Then take the testicles and the penis with your entire arm and massage them gently in a steady pace.
  7. To make the massage more fun, it is good that you also put yourself into the practice and put your spiritual energy on it. Your guy will feel this energy instantly, and you are going to connect spiritually in an amazing way. Be creative and allow sexual energy to take over as you go ahead and please your partner. This sensual tantric massage will help revive your sex life, and it also stimulates intimacy and creates stronger bonds.

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