Giving A Sensual Massage to Your Partner

How to Give A Sensual Massage

To give a good seductive sensual massage you need to know the ingredients needed for the job. Just learning how to do it will not help much if you are not sure how to put together the ingredients in the right way.  To achieve maximum pleasure on her, ensure you have the following;

  1. Massage Oil – It is the primary requirement in a massage. Luckily, there are dozens of varieties you can choose from. They include Almond, Apricot, and mixed oils.
  1. Setting the mood – Make her as comfortable as possible. Create the sensual feeling by dimming the lights and probably lighting a few romantic candles. Prepare the massage surface and make sure it is firm and comfortable for her to lie down.
  1. Music – The principal intention is to get her relaxed. Whether it will end up in sex, or sleep, she will need the relaxation. Choose the sexy variety such as slow blues, soul music or even distant sweet sounds of nature like birds singing in the forest.

After gathering the ingredients, now you need to know the various sensual massage types for different parts of the body that will relax her. Following are a few examples;

  1. Compression – This is the act of pressing down of a section to increase blood flow and loosen the tight muscles.
  1. Shiatsu – It is a Japanese origin massage that easily relaxes the back you can use your fingers or elbow to melt away the knots.
  1. Friction – No oils are required in this one. It requires great deals of stability and pressure on the specific areas. If you are not sure how to do it, leave it to the pros.
  1. Kneading – This works perfectly well for her rather fleshy areas. It reaches deep into the muscles and if you can, avoid doing it on her belly.

Now let’s get down to the sensual massage.

  1. Head massage -There is no oil needed with this one. Let her lie stomach down with head resting on the pillow; she can keep changing her position from time to time. This massage can also be done when she is sited. Initiate the massage by gently rubbing her temples and forehead. Then slowly run your fingers through her hair while instilling slow downward pressure. Repeat this motion on the scalp as long as you want. Finish off by kissing her ears.
  1. Shoulders, neck and back massage – This is the most basic definition of a massage it quickly turns sensual as you continue. She should lie face down with a bare back. Rub some oil in your hands to warm it up then start your massage with long strokes on the back with an up and down motion. Perform a shiatsu on the shoulders while stroking the neck gently.
  1. Buttocks Massage – Being one of the most erotic areas, it obviously must get sensual. Use the kneading techniques since the area is rather meaty. Place your hands on the buttocks and use circular movements. She will enjoy this attention.
  1. Leg Massage – It is incredibly sensual to her when you stroke her thighs and calves .use your fingertips to knead and massage them gently. Simultaneously, use your thumb to rub her kneecap for ultimate relaxation.
  1. Foot Massage – Let her lie down when performing this. Use your thumb to work, start from the heel upwards. Apply gentle pressure but do not be too soft either.
  1. Hand Massage – This is almost the same with the foot massage since the outlay is similar in a way. Start at the wrist going upwards just as the foot massage, use your thumbs to massage and finish off with a sexy play on her fingers.
  1. Chest Massage – A breast massage is incredibly sensual and will most likely end up in sex. For this reason, it should be tackled last. This massage should be done in a round motion; this is to ensure you touch all the parts. Start slowly and gently and then exert more pressure this slowly builds up the desire and puts her in the right mood.