UK Tantric Massage

Tantric massage has proved itself to be one of the most effective holistic remedies known to man for a plethora of different problems that affect people. Things like sexual dysfunction, anxiety, depression, stress and tension and many more which can hinder people and really make people’s lives worse can be remedied by using tantric massage, which really does show if used in the right way, what an effective tool this therapy can be for so many people around the world.

The history of Tantra

Tantra is an ancient spiritual tradition that seeks to connect two people and cultivate a conscious life between them. Tantra is practiced both inside and outside the bedroom although the west mostly focuses on the bedroom part of tantra. Tantra has its origin in some major spiritual traditions which include Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism as well. It is also the birthplace of yoga. Tantra has been in existence for more than 7000 years, and this is even longer than for how long the three religions have been in existence. People have sought to understand tantra for as long as people have stood amazed by the primordial power of their sexual nature and their existence.

Tantra has its roots from religious beliefs, and it is unique among these beliefs

Tantra is known in some religions as a spiritual practice that honors life force and sexual energies. It is the honoring of the union of male and female energies. It seeks to unite the feminine energy with the masculine energy within people and uses this as a pathway to being one or being united.

Tantra is aimed at making people feel united, and that experience of feeling that we are not alone or separate anymore is described as an experience of meeting the Divine or Infinite love. This is where love, sex, and the spirit become one. To achieve this, it requires the surrender of pride or ego into the heart, and it takes a lot of courage, practice and deep understanding.

Tantric History

Tantra is a known eastern tradition that focuses on the connection of sexuality, health and higher consciousness of the soul and it has a very long history.

Tantra is a sexual path that consists of a system of rituals and practical techniques combined, and they use the most powerful and creative energy in our body and mind system to propel one into a higher and deeper state of consciousness. This energy is the ability of two individuals to mate and create another life form.

Tantra has been offered in very many different ways especially in its transition to the west since the 1970s. This depends on the teacher from the profane to the intellectual view of it. There are four different forms of tantra:

  • White Tantra – it is a pure esoteric practice that works with sex as energy through meditation. It uses visualization and breath to seek the divine through supreme enlightenment and is exercised by one person as an individual.
  • Red Tantra – it includes working with the body using sexual techniques with another, and it also combines of white tantra.
  • Pink Tantra – this is the most common form of tantra, especially in the western world. It involves both white and red tantra practices, and it focuses on the couples devotional and relationship practices which bring sexual energy through the heart.
  • Black Tantra – it is largely out of favor nowadays as it involves the use of sexual energy to manifest changes outside the person practicing it, in the environment and also in others. It is rarely practiced nowadays.





Key Benefits of Tantric Massage

Tantric breathing exercises even though some do not know, form an integral part of tantra and it’s teachings. May will be of the opinion that there is nothing really sexy about breathing, but it really is the way that guys can prolong and maintain their pleasure and the same for women

It is not just in Tantra that these breathing techniques are used. They are also very commonly used in Yoga, Taoist, meditation and of course is tantric massage and other tantric practices that you might use. There are basically two different types of breathing that one would use, the first being to kind of a deep belly form of breathing and the second which are kind of charging breathing techniques to maintain focus and for that increased sensuality

One of the reasons that these breathing techniques are also very good for men is that quite often the man can have issues in the bedroom that they may not be very comfortable admitting, such as premature ejaculation or also in many cases a complete lack of libido.

The use of these breathing techniques during a tantric massage for example, will help the man to achieve a longer period of pleasure and also help to give them that initial prod to get things moving. This is not a click your fingers type of method, some guys will take a long time to master this. But for someone serious about sorting issues out then with some dedication and quite a lot of practice it can literally turn a very poor performer into an Adonis, relatively speaking of course!

There are many establishments that cater for this type of massage and technique around London as we have already discussed here. Taking the first step for a lot of guys is the hardest, from there it generally becomes a lot easier with time!

Training in Tantric or Tantra

There are many different ways that one can get into tantric therapy and so we have listed some of the main organisations and institutions that can help facilitate with training. The above massage parlours that we have talked about are a great way to indulge in some tantric massage and even get some training too. But for those that are really serious about learning long term then organisations like those below can help in a cheaper and probably a more in depth way than those than we have talked about

Some of the most well known that feature commonly in the UK include:

Tantra Without Borders -A organisation that organises various workshops and tantric events across the UK – Website –

Tantra Teachers – A world famous Tantric Goddess offers private tantra training in the UK – Website –

We are always looking to expand the resources of the website so if you think an organisation or business should be listed here please do not hesitate to drop us a line and we will always respond to your suggestion as soon as we can and hopefully expand this great tantra resource that we are compiling!